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Antifluoridation Zealots Resort to Criminal Acts in Sacramento
Protestors Escape Arrest by Fleeing

by M. W. Easley

Sacramento, California; September 10, 2000 - Antifluoridation activists fled the scene as Sacramento police were summoned twice by Doubletree Hotel security staff. In the first incident, the protestors had trespassed on hotel property in violation of their permit to demonstrate on the sidewalk outside the hotel September 9th. During the trespass incident, demonstrators verbally assaulted several of those attending the National Fluoridation Summit 2000 meeting being held at the hotel. Protestors fled the scene before anyone could be arrested. In addition, antifluoride protestors attempted several times to invade the closed meetings, but were evicted by conference organizers. One invader was successful in running from the room after having stolen materials meant for authorized conference registrants.

In the second incident, protestors attempted to organize a blockade of the Doubletree Hotel's driveway in a desperate attempt to prevent conference attendees from getting to their scheduled airline connections after the Summit concluded. These attempts failed when police were again called by hotel security and protestors fled the scene in order to avoid arrest.

The National Fluoridation Summit 2000 was sponsored by several private organizations, including Delta Dental Plans of California, the California Dental Association, the American Dental Association, the National Center for Fluoridation Policy & Research, Oral Health America, and the California Fluoridation 2000 Work Group. Participation in the meeting was by invitation only.

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