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Criteria for Membership in the NCF Collaborative Partnership

This National Center for Fluoridation Web Site contains two separate sections. One section of the web site is open to the public and includes much information and numerous links related to community water fluoridation, consumer protection (health), dental public health, and general public health. This section is accessible via the "Information for the Public & the Media" menu option on the NCF Homepage.

The second section of the web site, the NCF Reference Library, supports the collaborative activities of a coalition of scientists, health educators, and public policy managers conducting research related to community water fluoridation, health policy, and consumer protection issues. This " Collaborative Partners Only" section is accessible only to those participating in the project who, after completing an application for membership, have been approved as either a Research Fellow, a Health Policy Fellow, or an Editorial Fellow, and have been given access to the proprietary information contained in the Reference Library. Applicants for membership in the Collaborative Partnership can access "New Membership Request" by first clicking on "NCF Member Login" at the bottom of the NCF Homepage. It is most important that the application for membership be filled out in its entirety - including provision of one or more professional references whom can be called to verify the applicant's qualifications for membership.

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